St Luke's Art Project

Alison Kershaw became Artist in Residence at St Luke's Neighbourhood Centre in 1993 and is still based in the studio there. St Luke's Art Project has become a life's work - in the form of a shared creative space. Maintaining the physical environment, the framework, an ethos of inclusivity and a serious but light approach to art, working in collaboration with participants and artists is key to the work. 


The Art Project is aimed at the continuation of an open studio space, easy to access, where people who experience mental or emotional distress of any kind can practise art alongside professional artists in a supportive relaxed environment.


Over the years the Art Project has worked in many media and in collaboration with a number of dedicated artists. The primary focus is on enabling and facilitating the individual's own creative practise, their ideas and expression and promoting that to a wider audience through different platforms including online publishing, exhibitions, participatory projects and outreach to other arts or health organisations.


The Art Project would not exist without the ongoing support of the wider St Luke's Neighbourhood Centre and funding from the Manchester City Council






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