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There Is No Substitute....

...for your presence. Throughout the period of lockdown, since end of March 2020, I have been isolating at home for most of the time although I have been out to parks and green spaces which I decided was health enhancing more than a risk to me or anyone else. This means that all studio sessions forTLC-Art Project and all work with Pool Arts members that would be face to face came to a sudden halt.

With my artist team and the management of the charities, we quickly decided that telephone calls would be the way forward in the interim. But its now 6 months since we've met and theres no real end in sight to the pandemic. Businesses are closing down, people are getting stressed, no one understands the complicated and ever changing rlaws and guidelines. We are continuing to work through telephones, social media, email, post and just beginning to have meet ups outside in the parks. We've also been working via Zoom calls which work ok, but are not suitable for everyone.

One of the mail art projects we sent out was to design a placard depicting our current feelings or causes we care about. This was my contribution.

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