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Journey to The Land of Cancer

photograph of Alison 2019

In November last year I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I’ve spent a lot of time on the sofa and undergoing treatment. It’s not been how I ever imagined cancer would be. So much has been positive, so much has been adopting new routines and being in health care environments, so much has been receiving and giving love.

Every day brings new perspectives and priorities, one of which is knowing that my work is so very important to me - in fact it is my life. The things that are even more important are my partner Adele and my wonderful family and friends. When Penny Arcade in her performance Longing Lasts Longer, at Pool Arts in 2015 talked about death and what will matter in the final moments, it won't be your latest great exhibition or art world achievement, it will be those you love and the time you spent with them - she was spot on. That said I'm not in my final moments just yet! - being poorly has reminded me though and as I am now on the mend, I m really trying to keep that focus at the fore of my intentions.

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