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Rhythm: the work of Akinyemi Oludele

Myself and fellow artist Lisa Risbec have been mentoring the artist Akinyemi Oludele as part of our ongoing work with Pool Arts. Akinyemi has been hoping to exhibit his work for many years, and we have worked to curate his fantastic and very large body of work for this his first solo exhibition currently showing at Horsfall Gallery in Manchester

Akinyemi is a prolific and dedicated artist who seeks truth in his images by getting inside the subject through drawing. He draws Manchester night life and streetlife and also develops abstract paintings and political commentary. His subjects and genres are varied, from oils to charcoal to digital paint programmes which he manipulates in a unique way developed over time.

Across the three floors our curatorial stance was to showcase the sensibility of the artist - his concerns, his techniques and his deep connection to movement and music in his art.

Because we knew that the artist already has a great following because of his dedication to communicating his love of art wherever he goes, we knew we could crowdfund the project. Raising over £800 allowed us to frame, order high quality giclee prints and engage a jazz duo. On the opening night, Oludele performed live - singing and drawing in dialogue with the band, an event that captivated everyone who was lucky

to witness it.

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