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Exhibition with Pool Arts member Alan S: Art and Reflections of a Retired Trained Killer

Alan S. Featured his boot cleaning work in his first solo exhibition at The Horsfall in ManchesterWorking With colleague Lisa Risbec at Pool Arts and Alan himself very much directing, we curated the show together, selecting from Alan’s many installations created from the treasures he finds in back streets, skips and charity shops. Like a magpie, Alan gathers images, objects and words together in ever changing configurations until he settles on a story and a composition. As an ex serviceman, Alan’s work deals with the idea of war and life in the military and its aftermath’s  in a way that reflects complicated interfaces. Representing the soldiers experience, whilst resisting Nationalism is not an easy balance. But Alan does it with humour and respect and a clear message in each piece  that speaks of the injustice that he witnesses through the scraps of society that often appears completely nonsensical. 

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