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ONE (is never enough)

Another Adele is working up a new idea that's been on the back burner for years. Now is the moment. My collaborative partner Adele has been working with the Unseen project in Manchester. Curated by Mark Prest and led by David Hoyle and Jackie Haynes, a group of artists with shared backgrounds as LGBTQI and "recoverists" came together to explore their experiences as artists. The new work we are creating as Another Adele will be part of a larger performance involving all the Unseen team, led by director Nick Blackburn with David Hoyle.

Another Adele is gathering up her collection of self help books - where ONE is definitely not enough. Beside the huge tower of books, Adele explains the meaning and the story behind ONE, and her search for her true identity. To see the performance and receive some distilled wisdom, look for Apples&OtherFruit at HOME Manchester on 22/9

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