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Dropping Anchor - Pool Arts studio launch

I've been working alongside Pool Arts since 1999. Pool Arts is a small arts charity based in Manchester run by and for artists who face barriers to their involvement in the art world, and development of their practice.

My role is as secretary to the team, with some creative direction and coordination. For me, Pool Arts is a massive part of my practice as an artist.

Opening this new sustainable studio has been a long journey. The new studio is also a new base for Pool Arts Associates,, professional artists who want to work alongside members, supporting the members' free shared space financially and by offering informal support. On Friday, a lot of hard work came together in very Pool Arts style. A raffle, a DJ, lots of food, exhibition, hands on demonstrations and making....Pool Arts' Trae England-Shortt and her son performed a not-so-solemn ceremony to raise a flag as Pool Arts dropped their anchor and raised their flag in a new port.

My contribution to the exhibition takes the form of a timeline of selected key events in Pool Arts' history, hand drawn in ink on blackboard.

And in my Associates studio I displayed some of the work I've been doing with Carl Peploe

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