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Amazing Another Adele!

Our evening as part of Instigate Arts Wonder Women at Manchester Art Gallery was one to remember - we brought our two crates of apples (£26 from WorldWide Foods in Longsght - thanks guys!) to set a round stage in Gallery 10 - a collection of paintings about The pursuit of Beauty - late 19th century paintings - many featuring apples. Apples held, contemplated and discarded by elaborately draped and perfectly statuesque women. Our sound producer and co curator Greg Thorpe from Superbia lent an air of calm as he set up the PA!

Next was to get in a zone for performing and to do "make-up" - this consisted of sharpie pens to highlight Adele's scars: tracheotomy, spinal fusion and lumpectomy. However some scars are invisible

Adele performed brilliantly - composed and certain as she revealed her traumatic, complicated story of survival - Audience responses were great. People were genuinely moved - and loved the setting - and we finished the night with a fab Japanese meal at Samsi on Whitworth Street...with our lovely friend Paul.

More images and downloadable info here

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