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I am gradually working my way through the sound files recorded during the R-AGE project

These sessions were so personal and intimate, with people who live with someone who has dementia - in our case a parent or a partner. Some of the participants had an early onset dementia; meaning they received a diagnosis in their 50s. Each session began with relaxation, breathing and bringing ourselves into the moment. As the sessions progressed, we realised that this was space where people could really let go for two hours, engage their minds (spending your entire days with a person who has dementia, is challenging - you can't have a regular conversation usually , you have to adapt everything) and it was also a space to share difficult topics that were often raised through reading the literature. That said, it was not intended to be a therapy session - just a sharing of art. There is so much rich material, but this won't be a series of testimonials.

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