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R-AGE work about dementia

We are nearing the end of the collaboration with our friends in St Helens living with dementia, both people the diagnosis and their partners and family members.

Sandra Bougeurch is leading the creative art sessions, where people with dementia are experimenting with unstable materials to create abstract images, watercolours and small hand held sculptural pieces. Myself and Adele (Another Adele) are leading a reading group for partners and family. We are looking at texts from a range of literature and art, which we read and discuss, aiming to create a break away space for intellectual stimulation and sharing of experiences through approaching the themes, styles and techniques artists and writers have used to "imagine" the experience of dementia. The project has really highlighted the importance of art to help us understand the world around us.

Last night we met up to look at all the sound, images and videos which will be edited to create an exhibition later in the year

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