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The Art b&b

image is of The Comedy Carpet by Gordon Young - part of Blackpool seafront - click photo to find out more.

I've been invited to submit a proposal for Blackpool's Art B&B

The shortlisted artists met up this weekend and were shown around the building which has been purchased by Left Coast, one of the Creative People and Places partnership projects that are all over the country - partnerships between local authorities and arts agencies and other stakeholders such as Housing Associations. The idea is to bring art to places where currently there is not so much available - and to reach their communities. In this case the audience will be gusts booking into a functioning B&B - but with the added dimension that the B&B will be intervened by artists. The unusual thing about this commission is that the art is coming first - and the architects will design to accommodate the artists visions - where possible of course!

The first visit on site was very interesting - being able to explore the B&B which is literally as it was the day that guests stopped coming in....while we were there the door bell never stopped with people coming to try and book a room. So it looks promising.


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