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an image from exhibition UN-REST at Victoria Baths 2014 work 'My Mum's A Tap Dancer" I made this work with my Mum who lives with Alzheimers.

I am working on a new project for Heart of Glass, an arts agency in St Helens.

In collaboration with Sandra Bougeurch, Another Adele and Alzheimers Society, we will be working with carers and people living with dementia.

The carer group will be exploring how writers and artists have described the experience of dementia through novels, plays, poetry and painting. Those living with dementia will be working with Sandra exploring gesture, sensual materials and memories.

Both groups will be filmed and recorded culminating in a short film.

Yesterday was our first meeting to look around at the studio space and workshop areas at Heart of Glass and meet a few of the people who will be taking part. Everyone was very receptive to the ideas and looking forward to getting started in a couple of weeks.

Already, the project began to generate discussion - and the fact that the artists involved have our own experience as carers, I think added authenticity to the exchanges.

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