In Defence of Pigeons

This project was created specifically for a Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit in Liverpool in collaboration with staff, residents, ex-residents and their carers and commissioned by FACT



The commission has for elements: 

The Bird Song Juke Box (Pic a Pic) installed in the cafeteria; PicNic: a durational film to be screened in the quiet room with or without soundtrack  

where family members recorded a sound track about their experiences overlayed on a 30 minute film of the tide coming in over an 8 hour period.  A Fanzine In Defence of Pigeons where residents on the unit shared their ten top tips for survivial and Turn The Surveillance Bird Tables a video installation which connected video monitors to bird tables and boxes installed in the grounds of the unit.


The idea was to connect people to the outside and bring outside into the unit - memories of the playing your tune on a juke box - an iconic object; the simple act of feeding birds and watching them grow and thoughts of new horizons and days at the seaside





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