Furiously Mad

Furiously Mad, 300 Years of Legal Insanity reveals the legislative history relating to the treatment of people described as "Furiously Mad" in a legal document in 1714 -  through to the more recent treatment of the mentally ill


Pool Arts worked on this Heritage Lottery funded exhibition, researching both mental health law and policy, whilst also developing their own personal responses to the subject.


From drawings that one artist made during his time working as a psychiatric nurse, another who is examining the cultural influences of and on the film “One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest” to one artist's personal dialogue about schizophrenia.


The exhibition featured an interactive time line, and art works including installation, performance, video, print and paintings. There was also a series of talks and performances during the exhibition.



co-curated with Nicola Smith,

James Bloomfield and Pool Arts

People's History  Museum


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