Here you can see some of my early work from 1985 to 1999. I studied Fine Art at Falmouth School of Art where my specialism was film and photography, working with great artists such as Annabel Nicholson and Susan Hiller. I created installations using photographs, film, sound, books,performance and made and found objects. When I finished art school I found work in a local mental institution where I was shocked at the lack of choice and options open to residents, but I was also fascinated by the ways they found to be creative. I opened a studio in the basement of the hospital where residents could come and paint or draw. This led to my work in Manchester, initially working in neighbourhoods as part of community mental health outreach teams - and later creating my own studio base which became St Luke's Art Project. The studio continues to offer facilities for anyone to come along and develop their art practice. I later studied MA Art as Environment at Manchester Metropolitan University, where I developed my residency at Victoria Baths, and realised that what I was doing in working with people and in different situations was to continue a tradition in conceptual art wich questions what art might be and what it might be for...                                                                                                        

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