Another Adele

Another Adele is a collaboration between Adele Fowles, performance artist and massage therapist, and contemporary artist and curator Alison Kershaw.


Alison and Adele work together to develop live art installations, performances and actions. The name ‘Another Adele’ was arrived at when Adele felt so frustrated that her once fairly unusual first name suddenly became one of the most recognised on the planet around 2008.

Adele and Alison have been friends for 25 years, lived together as a couple for 20 years, and were married as civil partners in April 2012 in a spectacular ceremony for friends and family in Blackpool – one of their first joint productions. The work they do together uses (though not exclusively) material from their own autobiographies.

Although working together was always on the cards and often discussed over the years, Another Adele’s first work was Dancing The Davids, shown as part of the International exhibition UN-REST at Victoria Baths, Manchester in 2014


Dancing The Davids

A is For

ONE (is never enough)